Araby by Jame Joyce

Araby by Jame Joyce

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Thesis statement: Joyce's “Araby” evoked a boring life in Dublin where the nameless boy lived, and his hopelessness after his efforts.
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Phạm Lê Sùng Chính, MA.

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1. "Araby" evoked a boring life in Dublin. 1
1.1. The surrounding was gloomy. 1
1.2. The house where the boy lived was drab inside. 2
1.3. The road to the bazaar was void and cold. 4
1.4. The nameless boy's life was so boring. 5
1.5. Mangan's sister's life was restricted. 6
1.6. Narrator's uncle and aunt's life was uninspiring. 8
2. "Araby" conveyed the boy's hopelessness after his efforts. 9
2.1. The boy failed to escape from his boring life inspite of his attempts. 9
2.2. The boy dared not reveal his love to Mangan's sister after the long time he tried to find a chance to tell her. 10
2.3. The boy was not able to go to the bazaar earlier despite his endeavors. 12
2.4. Ater the boy failed to buy a gift at Araby, the darkness covered him. 13

1. "Araby" evoked a boring life in Dublin.
1.1. The surrounding was gloomy.
(Nguyễn Thị Thảo Nhi – 030426100083)
In “Araby”, Joyce described the gloomy reality in Dublin through North Richmond Street. The story opened with a description of North Richmond Street. “North Richmond Street, being blind, was a quiet street.” The author had used many adjectives to paint a dismal street such as blind, quiet, uninhabited, decent…  The street was "blind" and “quiet”. This conveyed the image of a dead end; a place to which no one would want to venture to as it...

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