Arcbs- Marketing Plan to Target Ethnic Minority

Arcbs- Marketing Plan to Target Ethnic Minority

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1.0 Executive Summary

The marketing plan with the time frame of a year (2010) starts from examining the external and internal to give an overview of the situation faced by ARCBS. One main concern for the organisation is it does not actively target ethnic population. Research found that 87% of the donors have English as their first language, however only 13% of donors consist of ethnic population. Hence, there is lack of system to support and manage the increase of non-speaking or reading ethnics. It is important not to oversee the small amount of donors from ethnic population. In addition, not only the Australian population is increasing, the immigrant to Australia is also increasing.

Four ethnic group segments, which is Italian, Greek, Arabic and Chinese has been identified as the target segments based on their population size and its attractiveness for the organisation to achieve its goal. The buyer behaviour analysis of each of the ethnic segments is examined to have a better understanding of their motivation, attitude and behaviour in general and of blood donation. This analysis is crucial because it will further shape and impact the marketing objectives, strategies and tactics.

The main objective of the 1st target segment is to achieve 2040 first time Italian donors in Melbourne within 12 months period starting January 2010. For the 2nd segment the objective is to increase the first time donor from the Greek community in Victoria by 1530 and for the 3rd segment is increase Arabic Muslim blood donors by 3630 people. Finally, the objective for the 4th segment is to increase the amount of Chinese donors by 5530 within a period from 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2010.

The marketing strategies developed are mainly to increase the awareness of the target segments, educate and inform them mainly through their community and facilitate the donating of blood of each target segments. Some of the tactics to achieve the objective and strategies include...

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