Archetypal criticism

Archetypal criticism


 A book based on a documentary was written
by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers.
 Explain the meaning and state the effect of
the myth.
 Show the connection between the myth and
the contemporary world.
 It was based on biology, philosophy, science
of religion knowledge.

It is the combination between myth and religion.
(rebirth immortal)
Although someone think the concept was not
accurate, it is the most authoritative book about
Some poems or films use these mythic
Lion king is one of the most famous movie
which include myth like the Hamlet.
Revenge Justice Love

He was the founder of “analytic psychology”.
He thought that mental thinking is one of the
element of the myth because myth is created by
human, and his program also focuses on the
human’s mental health.
So good mental health can lead to the harmony of
society, and this is the connection between myth
and human because the myth shows the wish of
the ancient human. For instance, Jesus was reborn
which means that people were yearning to the
justice in the real world.

 In psychology, Archetypal is a kind of
congenital disposition in sub - consciousness.
 It is similar with a kind of conditioned reflex.
( 条件反射 ) That help us use the same way to
solve problems with our ancestors when we
face the difficulties.
 The myth use some images to illustrate the
archetypal which is reason that the major will
get the similar answer when somebody ask us
“what do you think of this myth?” OR “What do
you learn from the myth”

 All the myth have the universal theme.
 When justice VS evil, under our psychological we

always hope justice can win.
 If you take away the magic elements form myth,

you will discover all thing is in our daily life. And
all is similar with the myth in past.
 Hero overthrow the demo and saving the princess.

After that, they accept the...

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