Archetype: Symbols that represent a hero
12 types;
1) Warrior Hero
2) Hero as a lover
3) Hero as a scapegoat
4) Transcended Hero
5) Romantic/Gothic Hero
6) Proto-feminist hero
7) Apocolyptic Hero
8) Anti-Hero
9) Defiant Anti-hero
10) Unbalanced Hero
11) The other- the denied hero
12) Super Heroic
10 types:
1) The quest to find identity
2) The epic journey to find the promised land
3) The quest of vengeance
4) The warriors journey to save his people
5) The search for true love
6) The search for knowledge
7) The tragic quest
8) The Fools Errand
9) The quest to save the land from danger
10) The grail quest
The Steps of a heroes journey:
1) Departure: The hero is called to adventure and is reluctant to go
2) Intiation: The hero enters a more dangerous world or crosses into the threshold
3) The Road of Trials: The hero is given supernatural powers which are usually tested
4) The Innermost Cave: The hero descends into the inner most cave or the underworld. Because of this he is reborn by ways of either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
5) The Return and ReInaguartion to Society: With this new found wisdom, he helps bring order back in to soceity

What is Mythology?
• Mythology was created by primitive man to explain why things are the way they were
• It explained the mysteries of nature(the four seasons)
• It explained human behaviour
Symbolism is a thing that represents another, usually a abstract thing
There are two types of symbolism, one is conventional where the symbol represent the standard social beliefs and attitudes. The other is natural which it reperesents something other than the eternal life
The four faces of myth
The archaetype of romance defeating darkness
The myth is concerned with resurrection or birth


The archaetype of a comedy
The myth usually conatins of marriage and paradise


The archaetype of tragedies
The myth usually consists of a god dying


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