Architectural Container

Architectural Container

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By Paul Sawyers

Table of Contents

Preface - Why Container Buildings?

Part 1 - About Containers - pages 5 - 16

Chapter One - Introduction to ISO Container Buildings
(a) high cost of lumber discussion
(b) how big are IC units?
(c) dry cargo IC construction specs
Chapter Two - Purchase and Delivery of IC's
(a) north american ports
(b) international ports
(c) print ad's for IC shoppers
(d) how to find IC's for sale on the internet
(e) moving IC's short distances in no-truck-access areas

Part 2 - Building with Containers - pages 17 - 20

Chapter Three - Footings and Foundations
(a) wood, concrete, pre-fabricated
Chapter Four - Cutting Steel and Basic Framing
(a) framing interior
(b) exterior decks, supports, and roof framing
Part 3 - IC Designs and Building Projects - pages 21 - 33 Chapter Five - One Dozen IC Designs and Building Projects

(a) ---Standard 20 ft "bread & butter" design
(b) -------------Dual 20 ft units side-by-side
(c) ----------------------Flood-proof design
(d) --------40 ft high-cube IC for auto repair
(e) -----------------20 ft "desert rat" design
(f) -------------------------------Split level
(g) ----------------------The "super carport"
(h) -------------------------Super RV cover

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