Architecture Modernism

Architecture Modernism

Steiner House

Adolf loos designed the Steiner house for the Chicago tribune competition in 1910; Located in Vienna, Austria. it was intended to be the residence for the painter Lily Steiner and her husband Hugo. Loos was lenient with ornamentation in this building by incorporating large decorative columns, these columns, however, still served supportive purpose and thus where to Loos principle of utility creating beauty.

The house also exhibits the undecorated white façade, which Adolf Loos was known for.

The Steiner was showcases Loos ability to work with external limitations of an architectural site. As there shape restrictions and planning codes to consider. The Steiner house is also notable for establishing Loos reputation as a modern architect outside an Viennese audience and strongly the influenced of the modern movement.

Adolf Loos ranks as one of the most important pioneers of the modern movement in architecture. Ironically, his influenced was based largely on a few interior designs and a body of controversial essays.

Adolf Loos building were rigorous examples of austere beauty, ranging from conventional country cottages to planer compositions for storefronts and residences. His built compositions were little known outside his native Austria

Villa Muller
Known as an innovative landmark of early modernist architecture, the Villa Muller embodies Loos Idea of economy and functionality. The central idea to Loos design was the concept of raumplan, what is understood to be the three-dimensional planning of spaces as opposed to ‘Pan-Stacking.’ Adolf Loos Emphasized the heights to each room according to their function, other, especially when the shift from public space to private space occurs.

The Exterior is a simple, white cubic, façade that moves away from the ornamentation present in the 20th century architecture. Loos Particularly inters.

Schroder House

The Rietveld Schroder house in Utrecht was commissioned by Ms.Truus...

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