Are Management Skills Different Today from 50 Years Ago

Are Management Skills Different Today from 50 Years Ago

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What skills do managers need today. Are these skills different from management skills of fifty years ago. Why or why not? Is a manager different from a leader? What management strategies can you employ in your current position(even if you are not yet a manager) what are some leadership styles that you have observed at your job .which you hope to emulate?

In the twenty first century managers are required to have many additional skills in today's business world, if they wish their company to survive and grow. Every business, organization, school, and health facility need a manager to run its day to day operation. Managers have many positions to uphold . They must be able to plan, for the organization, organize the daily business movement, lead employees to enhance work production, and control the company to establish goals which need to be met .

When a manager is previewing a new project to be premiered to the public he must plan and decide visually how he will present it to the public.. He will consider the latest fads, to achieve his goals and objectives . He will have a significant influence for everyone and everything to work as one to achieve goals of the organization. A manager should be able to exhibit leadership, by inspiring others to work effectively, communicating to employees, and motivating all to achieve the companies goal sand objectives. There must be rewards to the employees when work is well done.

The tools and the skills are different now then fifty years ago , which is due mostly to the different technologies. . A manager today can now plan for the organization, with a click of the button of a computer, fax information in a matter of seconds, be able to be on call 24/7 with the use of a cell phone, and show presentations using 3-D technology and much more.

My success as a manager is due to my the attainment of my planning skills which is very important, because goals are met daily. My visionary ability...

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