Are You Acquainted with Construction of Roller Crusher

Are You Acquainted with Construction of Roller Crusher

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As we all know that the roll crusher is one mining machine which can be often seen in the jobsites, which is mainly used for crushing the materials such as the pebbles, quartz and ceramics and whose another name is teeth roll crusher. However, do you know the construction of roller crusher?

Adjustment device is used to adjust the gap between the two broken roller size (that is, the row ore mouth), it is through the increase or decrease in the number of gasket between the two roller bearing, or use the worm gear adjusting mechanism to adjust and to control the broken product granularity.

The roller crusher rollerIs a device on the horizontal axis parallel to the two opposite rotary roller, it is an important task of the breaker.One of the roller bearing (pictured right) is movable, the other a roller bearing is fixed, the broken roller is made up of shaft, wheel hub and roll leather.Roll axis adopt key cooperate together with conical surface of wheel, roller fixed on the wheel hub, with three pieces of taper arc iron, using bolt and nut are fixed together.Because the roller skin of roller crusher ( direct contact with minerals, so it need often change, and is commonly used to wear good high manganese steel or carbon steel special chromium (chromium steel, manganese steel, etc.) production.

The spring safety deviceIt is important for roll crusher a parts, spring tightness, the ore crusher work normally and overload protection has a very important role.Machine to work properly, the pressure of the spring should be able to balance between the two rollers of force, to keep the row ore mouth gap, make the product granularity.When the breaker into the broken objects, spring should be compressed, forcing movable crushing roller lateral movement, row ore mouth width increases, ensure the machine from damage.The broken object, after being ruled out spring restorable, machine work as usual.


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