Are You Addictive?

Are You Addictive?

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Are You Addicted?

As I finished getting ready for school one morning, someone sent me a text message. I had everything packed in my back pack for class that day and headed out the door. I rushed to class because I left a little too late from my dorm; so I put my cell phone in my back pocket of my jeans instead of its normal pocket in my back pack. I arrived at my history class room, sat down, and prepared for class. The hour went by smoothly and I was off to my next class in no time. Little did I know that something very valuable to me was left behind.

After my jazz class, I walked to lunch; I reached into my back pack to pull out my cell phone, but realized it was missing. I started to freak out and headed back to my jazz class. Surely it feel out of my pocket and was on the floor; no, I looked everywhere around my seat in the auditorium; I could not find my phone. I looked at the time-12:30. I ran to my history class room on the fourth floor to try and find my cell phone. A girl was sitting in the seat I normally sit in, so I casually asked her if she had seen a phone; she answered no, she had not seen a phone when she came into the classroom. By this time I was freaking out, and I did not know what to do.

I went to lunch, ate quickly, and rushed back to my dorm building hoping and praying that I had accidently left my cell phone in my dorm room. I had no luck; it was useless, my cell phone was gone by this point. I tried calling it from a friend’s cell phone, but no answer. I knew no one’s number that I could reach to cancel my phone in case it was stolen, and I could not get a hold of my mom or dad because I never memorized their new numbers. I went on with my day as normally as I could, trying to figure out a way to function without my cell phone. I realized I could not function; I used my cell phone for everything. Technology has increased tremendously over the past few decades. Each generation has become more dependent on cell phones and with...

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