Are You Ready to Enjoy Korea?

Are You Ready to Enjoy Korea?

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Are you ready to enjoy Korea? Even though many students know much the Korea, they want to know about Korea. My interest in Korea is instinct that everyone has for their motherland, and has grown as I study in USA. Today, I would like to inform you that useful information help you to enjoy Korea when you visit Korea. First, we will look into the last Korean Dynasty ‘Joseon’, and then we will eat Korean traditional food, finally we will enjoy Korean unique festivals. Let’s back to the Joseon Dynasty.

Korea has a continuous history of five thousand years. The last dynasty in Korea is the Joseon Dynasty. The Joseon Dynasty lasted from 1392 to 1897, so the Joseon Dynasty leaved lots of historical relics to us. Especially there are a lot of palaces in Seoul where was the capital city of Joseon, and now is the capital city of Korea.
Among palaces, Gyeongbok palace is typical palace and also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Korea. Gyeongbok palace was built in 1395 in the Joseon period. Gyeongbok means to wish the king and the people’s happiness. Unfortunately, Gyeongbok palace was burnt down during the Japanese invasion and was rebuilt. Gyeongbok palace has Korean tradition as well as historical tragic. Maybe you are hungry because you look at Korean long history. It’s time to eat Korean food.

Korean food is a healthful and nutritious food as well as delicious food. Kimch is the most representative and famous Korean food in the world. Kimchi is a kind of vegetable we eat almost every meal and there are lots of kinds of Kimchi, especially depending on the location, Kimchi taste is different. According to book ‘effectiveness of Kimchi’, an experiment has established Kimchi’s effectiveness against cancer. Also Kimchi aids in digestion and losing weight.
Bibimbob is one of the most popular Korean foods. Bibimbob is mixing rice, Korean traditional hot sauce, and many kinds of vegetable. It is really interesting food to foreigner. According to...

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