Argument About the Existance of God

Argument About the Existance of God

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I have to begin by saying that religion and God (for me) are two separate things. At

an early age religion was a part of my life. My mother thought it would be

important to know God by learning about the catholic religion. She was of course

brought up to believe Catholicism was the only way to know God. My father on the

other hand thought/thinks differently. He told me God had nothing to do with

religion. He told me he also was taught by his mother that religion was the way to

know God. At a certain point in his life he came to think differently. This was pretty

over whelming to hear as child. I was fortunate enough that my dad said it was up

to me to decide how I wanted to interpret religion. I continued to go to Sunday

school to learn about the rituals and rules associated with religion. In my early

adulthood I began to break away from my former teachings. My life headed

towards a very dark place. I began to explore other forms of religion to find the

God I was told I would find. My efforts just led me to a dead end. Then I started to

experience things that were unexplainable. They were things that were difficult to

prove to others but felt very real to me. I had developed a whole new type of

consciousness’. What I thought was reality was no longer reality. What I thought to

be true was a complete lie. I know many people would say it was just my

conscience or some thing purely scientific. It went totally beyond that, to me. I had

experienced things

on a level that I couldn’t even understand at first. These were things that would be

difficult for any one to fully grasp unless they experienced it. It was then that I

understood, what my father had told me as a child. A personal concept of God

doesn’t come from religion. Religion is nonexistent in the spiritual realm.

In “Person Experience of God” Radhakrishnan talks about character of religious

experience” “The privacy...

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