Argument Outline Example the Wilsons

Argument Outline Example the Wilsons

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Alternatives | Storefront on Main Street in Clearmont | Farmhouse approx. 15 mins from downtown Clearmont |
Pros | - downtown location; close to several theatres and cinemas- seems there is a demand for French food (other French restaurant is doing well financially)- location (outdoor and indoor area) is tailored to the Wilson’s needs- good public transportation- location will be appealing to staff | - monthly cost - property can be bought at lease end- parking available- no competition in the area- can grow vegetables in garden - will have a partner |
Cons | - competitive area with several restaurants- French restaurant already existent- problem with parking - high monthly rental fee- lease expires after 5 years | - no option for an outdoor café - long commute from city during rush hour- underdeveloped area |

Outline for Argument: The Wilsons

I. Introduction:

a. Choices: open a restaurant offering French Cuisine in a storefront in Clearmont’s theatre district or take a farmhouse about 15 minutes outside of downtown Clearmont.
b. Criteria: generate income fairly quickly and be distinctive
c. Recommendation: Take the farmhouse

II. Pros:

a. Restaurant will be distinctive in this area
b. Savings on monthly fees with an option to purchase property at lease end
c. A food critic will join the Wilsons in partnership
d. Plenty of parking available
e. Can grow food and flowers in own garden

III. Cons dealt with:

a. Long commute from downtown Clearmont during rush hour but quick at other times and plenty of parking available
b. Area is underdeveloped but is beginning to attract antique and specialty shops
c. No place for an outdoor café but large garden where they can grow food and flowers

IV. Conclusion: Take the farmhouse outside of Clearmont

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