Argumentative Essay on the Environment

Argumentative Essay on the Environment

Toulmin Model Argument About the Enviornment
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Liberty University
May 13, 2016

Toulmin Model Argument About the Environment

As we come to realize the importance that the environment has had throughout history we also forget very easily and let it pass us by that it God has always provided for us. To ensure that our surrounding environment survives from one generation to the next we must take accountability and primarily responsibility to protect and care for it. It has always been in our power to prevent and correct damage already done to it that is why we must take action to put this in play. These are the reason as to why I agree with author Wendell Berry when he came to the conclusion that what inevitably fails is single-issue movements.
When there are a great number of volunteers making sure to invest a tremendous amount of time working on a specific issue it is what you call a single-issue movement. It begins with good intentions, but it mainly only focuses on a single goal and on very few occasions rise to be successful. In 1994, there was a movement that began with a nonprofit organization campaigning to collect household waste that could be hazardous such as paint cans, cleaning chemicals, etc. There were collection sites throughout the city that were setup by the Department of Sanitation in New York City and the organization that began this movement. However, without the proper funding or publicity from the city and the fact that the collection sites were as far out as place that were considered remote, it only brought in thousands of residents to turn in such hazardous waste as opposes as the millions that could have been collected if proper publicity and funding would have been provided and planned for. The lack of enthusiasm from the city’s government was very evident to those volunteers that began this movement. The excuse that...

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