My dear little sister Ariel looks absolutely nothing like me or any of my family, because she is my best friend. I call Ariel my sister because we are so close and I venerate how kind and caring she is to me. She has always been there for me in the three short years I have known her and she has availed me through tough times. My family accepts her as one of us, because she often cares for me as family and I do the same for her.

She is not the prettiest girl you have ever seen, but I think she is impeccable just the way she is. Ariel is pale but has dark hair, so it is more visible on her skin. She has got bushy eyebrows and long eyelashes, sometimes she has a light mustache with sideburns, but she is proud of it. Her hair used to go to her waist and it was mocha with natural rusty and sun-kissed streaks in it. Now it is to her shoulders and dyed a midnight ebony, so now she looks scarcely like me.

She's only fifteen so her face is riddled in acne and bumps. The acne will clear up but she still has a plethora scars from her rough past. She has two different colored eyes, the left is a sienna while the right is taupe and her right eye is lazy so she has some trouble seeing, but refuses to wear her glasses. Her marginally crooked, pearly smile hides behind rose-colored lips and an angry attitude, but when she does smile at me I know it's genuine and caring regardless of how mad she is at me.

She stands shy of five feet and eight inches and has the perfect weight for her height. Her frame is stronger than most girls, with broad shoulders and an immense bone structure mostly in her upper half. Her voice is kindred to mine in many ways, people often get confused about who is talking, but her voice is sharper and more outspoken than mine, albeit we are both very loud.

She tends to walk kind of funny, limping scarcely from what I surmise is permanent damage from being hit with a car as a child, but it is alright because she still runs faster than me....