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To increase one's self-esteem, one must comply with the following guidelines.

Self-confidence is an attitude which allows one to have positive yet realist

view of oneself and one's situations. Self confident people trust their own

abilities , have a general sense of control in their lives. They will be able to

do what they wish, they plan and excute to reach their goals.

Good posture is when one stands up straight with their head up and eye

contact that way , one can stand out and make a positive impression on


When people walk faster and dress sharp , it changes the way they carry

themselves and interact with other people , especially by taking care of one's

personal appearance. People with confindence walk quickly even if they are

not in a hurry , have no place to go or have no people to see , Walking

quickly makes one look energetic , purposeful and makes a person feel more


Sit in the front row and speak up , Workout because personal appearance and

phssical fitness have a huge effect on self confidence.If a person is out of

shape , he or she feels insecure , unattractive and less energetic.By working o

out people will improve their physical appearance , ,energize themselves and

accomplish something positive.

Finally , although many of the factors affecting self-esteem are beyond one's

control , there are a number of thins people can consciouly do to build self


Self esteem is the difference between feeling unstoppable andfeelingscared ,

one's perception of oneself has an enormous impact on how others

perceive that individual.