Aristotle's Idea of a Good Life

Aristotle's Idea of a Good Life

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Karley Nykun
12 October 2013

Short Writing Assignment #2

When Aristotle created a plan for his proposal of a "good life" he took into consideration two key ingredients; not only being happy, but flourishing. Aristotle's proposal emphasizes the meaning of life by focusing on a purpose, and identifying exactly what makes us “satisfied”. If we follow Aristotle's idea today we are able to live the good life by discovering stable happiness, improving ourselves and our communities, and learning to reason through practice.
To Aristotle, happiness was more of a temporary sensation, while flourishing was the outcome of permanent overall happiness. In today's society we frequently see people looking for the "easy way out" or a "quick fix". Aristotle was critical of those who sought "instant gratification". We can relate this example to one of the most prevalent problems in today’s culture; drug usage. For a small price, one can buy instantaneous happiness, and let go of problems or troubles. The long term consequences such as dependence, financial trouble, and deteriorating health are at times disregarded in a moment of desperation. Recognizing the distinction between long term and short term happiness is particularly important in setting goals and working to achieve dreams.
As humans, we are able to flourish as long as we are bettering ourselves and we are bettering our communities. Not only is it important to do what is right for ourselves, but also for the sake of others. One may better them self from the feeling they get from making a difference in someone else's life. If we can find the right balance between acting selfish and An essential piece in happiness is self esteem and individual perception. If we are bettering ourselves in a way that improves our personal well being, or influences our character we are on the right track to flourishing.
Aristotle thought that to reach the goal of flourishing, one must embrace the thing that makes it...

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