Armageddon. Ajay Played by Ben Affleck.

"An asteroid the size of the state of Texas is headed for us; in eighteen days it will annihilate the whole earth."

At that moment I felt my hair stand on end, like a soldier stands to attention. Only two minutes ago I thought the worst thing that could happen was Harry finding out about my relationship with his daughter. That seems more of a laughable matter now, compared to the death of over six billion people, and millions of species of animals and plants. Two hundred and twenty five million years of evolution obliterated in one go. I felt a wave of anger build up inside me. How could the government not see this coming? Eighteen days is not enough warning. Who is responsible? My mind was teeming with questions.

It was the first time I had ever seen Harry with such an astonished look on his face. He usually always seemed very confident, and had a positive attitude. Then it hit me. Grace, my family, all of my friends on the rig, we would all die. Our hopes and dreams, all shattered and pointless. The bubble which held our dreams popped. We would be forgotten as there would be nobody to remember us; with all life deceased. Our existence would have been eradicated from history, with no purpose or proof of us ever living. Regrettably, there was nothing we could do.

As soon as I found out that NASA wanted all of us rig members to fly a shuttle up to the asteroid and blow it up, I was astounded. However, I couldn't help but feel some what assured that there was still a chance we might survive. That the human species might live on, along with the animals of the jungle, and the fish in the sea. The world's fate was resting on our shoulders, and I was trembling with fear.

I wanted to help, I really did; but I could die. Death; was this my fate or could I change my destiny? I wasn't ready to be engulfed by the...

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