Army Corispondance

Army Corispondance

SubCourse: QM2064 Edition: B

1. How far, in feet, from other buildings must fuel products be stored?


2. Which of the following is the correct laundry mark for SFC Payan, Social Security Number 402-33-0662?


3. Who designates the items to be inventoried when the cyclic inventory method is used?

[pic]S4 noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC).
[pic]Property book officer (PBO) or responsible officer.
[pic]Unit supply sergeant.

4. What card columns on the status card contain the status code?


5. How often must rations be inspected by the veterinary corps?

[pic]Every two years.
[pic]Every six months.
[pic]Every three months.

6. What regulation governs unit laundry operations?

[pic]AR 700-84.
[pic]AR 210-130.
[pic]AR 735-5.
[pic]AR 710-2.

7. How often must a serial number inventory of weapons be conducted in the active Army?


8. How many copies of DA Form 1974 or DA Form 2707 are prepared to turn in organizational clothing and equipment to the laundry facility?


9. Where are empty and used fuel containers stored?

[pic]Inside a separate area.
[pic]On top of filled containers.
[pic]Outside the storage area.
[pic]Inside the front of the storage area.

10. What form is used to record the inventory results when custody of the arms storage facility keys is transferred between authorized individuals?

[pic]DA Form 3161.
[pic]DA Form...

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