Army Rotc 5 Kilometer Charity Run

Army Rotc 5 Kilometer Charity Run

1. Introduction (Goals and Objectives):

A 5k run for Ronald Mcdonald House, which is primarily organized by ROTC with support from area businesses and other school organizations would be an excellent method for improving relations with the community as well as use as a possible recruiting tool. By working the event as a primarily philanthropic event we can improve ARMY ROTC’s standing in both the local community as well as the view of the campus. It would also be a good way of advertising and recruiting new members from the student population who may not have viewed ROTC in a light where we are not only training to become future leaders, but also committing our resources to improve the community in which we are a part of.

2. Proposed Methods:

• Find all requirements from the city and get an estimated cost to close off the run route to traffic and also to reserve Starin Park as the Start/End point.
• Coordinate with SEAL in order to get free advertising on and off campus.
• Work with SFC Shono in order to have a National Guard presence there.
• Ensure packets are sent out to surrounding ROTC programs inviting them to participate, as well as local Guard and Reserve Units.
• Coordinate to set-up a concessions stand in Starin Park selling food, coordinating with the Cadet Fund to use as a possible fundraiser.
• Possibility of Trophy or Medal for the winners of the event.

3. Schedule:

• December 1st – Obtain City Permit, Starin Park Reservation and at least 1 primary and 3 secondary sponsor from local businesses.
• April 15th – Registration Due
• Late April – Host the event

4. Budget:

5. Anticipated Significance of Results:

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