Art Exhibit Research

Art Exhibit Research

Vincent Calderone
Professor Kooy
April 19th, 2015
Art Exhibit Research Paper

On Saturday April 19th, 2015 the art exhibit Kevin and I attended was the McCord art exhibit in Palos Park Illinois. When we first arrived we were greeted by a very sweet older women who was happy to tell us anything we wanted to know, I was surprised to find out that it was actually in the oldest house in Palos Park and was built in the early 1800’s. Each and every room of the house had various beautiful paintings on the wall, as well as a very large mural on the ceiling. Besides the art exhibit they also have various classes for beginners and advanced artists of all ages. On top of that they also have music lessons, and even yoga! The crazy part is I have passed this place on LaGrange road and never even knew it was there. They had paintings in almost every room of this house from various up and coming artists.

The first artist that caught my eye was Liz Wall. She attended Marycrest College and received a B.A. in undergraduate work concentrating on painting, and attended the School of Art Institute in Chicago and received a certificate in Painting and drawing. Her paintings have a strong abstract feeling and the first one that caught my eye was Perseverance, which is a painting of the local Swallow Cliff.

This painting had to be one of my favorites since I go here frequently in the summer to workout on the large set of stairs pictured in the painting. In her bio she says that a strong abstract feeling is most important quality that she seeks in each of her paintings. This painting almost seems real, as if it was just a blurred picture. It has a positive vibe, with the sun shining, coming in from the left side of the painting. All of the greenery shows that it is either spring or early summer. It simply makes me feel happy when looking at it.
The second painting of hers that caught my eye was appropriately called Sweet Home Chicago. This caught my eye because of my...

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