art therapy

art therapy

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Specific advantages of art in counseling with adults:
-Taps the unconscious and helps individuals express covert conflicts, bringing into awareness thoughts and feelings that were previously hidden
-Acts as a metaphor for the conflicts, emotions, and situations experienced by clients
-Assist people in picturing themselves or their situations in a concrete objectified manner
-helps people become more connected with the transcendent and growth side of their personalities
-provides a process that is energy enhancing
-Can easily be combined with other expressive arts such as music, movement, creative writing and imagery.

Types of counselor
-person centered counselor may encourage clients to use art for self –actualization through self-expression and integration of perception pf self and the environment.
-cognitively oriented counselor may ask a client to explore irrational thoughts by drawing carton strips.
-A solution focused counselor may find it helpful to ask the client to reflect on a time when things were going well and to draw what he or she was doing at that time.

Best quality are materials should be purchased so that clients can become more relaxed and creative(?)

Lines of feeling : people cannot find words to express their emotions, but the lines of their drawing can possibly portray their feelings (rigid lines, soft curved lines, etc)

Road map: can be used to help people review significant periods in their lives and anticipate the future. This help clients explore patterns, expand self-expression and plan their lives more effectively. Clients are asked to paint or draw their life paths and career influences in the same manner that they map our directions to a specific desintation. Some roads could be wide, narros, bumpy, smooth. Maybe some road blocks also.

The bridge : divide piece of paper into three sections. In first section, draw picture of problem or concern they currently face. On third panel, draw how it...

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