article apraisal

article apraisal

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Journal Article Appraisal Six
Kristy Nguyen
University of Southern Indiana

The author critically appraises an article that analyzes how children with autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay, and typical developing, differ in sensory interests, repetitions, and sensory seeking behaviors during the Sensory Processing Assessment for Young Children's assessment. The author also discusses how critically appraising that article affects her clinical reasoning skills.

Journal Article Appraisal Number Six
        The occupational therapy student (OTS) will critically appraise a scholarly journal,  Observational characterization of sensory interests, repetitions, and seeking behaviors, and explain the impact the article has upon the OTS, as a future occupational therapist (Kirby, Little, Schultz, & Baranek, 2015).  
Critical Appraisal
The purpose of Kirby et al. (2015) quantitative research study is to examine if there is a difference in the frequency and intensity of sensory interests, repetition, and seeking behaviors (SIRS) among three diagnostic groups, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental delays (DD), and typical developing (TD) children. Kirby et al.'s (2015) study also investigates the differences in facial expressions in children while performing SIRS. The authors give a brief summary of defining SIRS and its impact in an individual's everyday activities; therefore occupational therapists need to consider the sensory aspects during evaluations and intervention planning. They report that SIRS is a group of abnormal sensory response patterns, which include hyperresponsiveness to hyporesponsiveness. Hyper-responsiveness is an overreaction to a stimuli, such as being disturbed by everyday sounds, and hyporesponsiveness is an under reaction to stimuli, such as having a reduced response to pain. Kirby et al. (2015) report that the progression of SIRS...

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