Artificail Intelligence

Artificail Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Imagine for a moment, awakening every morning to the friendly voice of your computer that has been literally watching over you and your home through the night, even monitoring your sleeping patterns and blood pressure. After having a cup of your favorite java that was brewed just at the right time by your computer, you proceed to have a morning run in the brisk air with your personal trainer, ASIMO the robot. And while you are getting your morning exercise, ASIMO the maid is cleaning your home and downloading your news and emails for the day, all ready and waiting for you when you get back. Your shower is waiting for you at the precise temperature you like and your ASIMO maid reads your emails to you. ASIMO will send replies as you dictate them. Now it’s off to work in your computer guided and driven vehicle, allowing you time to catch up on the financials via satellite television. Welcome to the world of AI (artificial intelligence).
Does any of this sound to far fetched? With technology always advancing, it seems that we would not have to hold are breath for long to see this come to fruition. Artificial Intelligence in the strong sense (having a computer with human learning capability), has long been a fascination and goal within the computer industry. Some say we are thirty to two hundred years away from such a thing. Perhaps, but if you have seen Silvia (1), developed by the Cognitive Code corporation or ASIMO (2), created by the Honda Motor Company, the name is an acronym for "Advanced Step in Innovative MObility", or DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) you might think we will achieve total AI much sooner.


Silvia is the outcome of a conceptual step forward in artificial intelligence. The core of this breakthrough involves the complete functional separation of human language...

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