Hi everyone,
How do Iink my payoneer card to my paypal account? been trying with no progress.
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Simon Chege Karugu PayPal recently stopped accepting payoneeer accounts, but you can be lucky and succeed if you contact them about the issue. Just tell them its a US BANK account without mentioning payoneeer. Its 50/50 that you will succeed
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Neyman Adjoint ..
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Robert Pearson I agree with Simon.
Contact PayPal and they will make some changes to your account so that you can add it within 4 hours.
Just be sure not to mention that the bank account is issued by Payoneer.

You might find his step by step guide helpful:

"I received my Payoneer debit card but I am unable to add my US bank account to PayPal"
I recently applied for a Payoneer debit card, the application was approved withi... See More
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Danson Reri Simon Chege Karugu thanx, so I should give them my payoneer bank account details not the debit card one? Robert Pearson thanx sana let me try, will let u kno on the feedback..
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Robert Pearson Just tell them that you are having problems adding a US bank account. If they call you, avoid mentioning Payoneer but if they insist, say that you have a checking account with Bank of America.
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send them the name of your estate and a street/rd name then the PO box

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