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Internet Marketing Module — Group Project Brief
Company Analysis In a team, analyze a company’s online strategies using the book’s concepts and terminology. Select a company with a large online presence, which is well known. This way, you will be able to find articles written about its internet strategies and without having to rely solely on its Website. Be sure to read the press releases at the site for more insight. Each team will select a different company on a first-come, first-served basis. Your company selection must get my approval. Your presentation should summarise your written report during 20-25 minutes on the due date (May 12th and 19th). Your group project should be written in a business report format and also include the following key components: Part O Part 1 Executive summary
Overview: Internet Properties & Marketing Implications
    

Website analysis Web and other online content (such as mobile content) Website properties (table 1.6) Website design and usability features Multimedia and interactive features Creating a positive customer experience Benefit, cost & value creation Internet marketing mix Customer relationship management features Branding and consistency online/offline branding

Part 2

Benefit, Cost & Value Creation – The Marketing Mix
   

Part 3

Consumer Characteristics & Branding Strategy
    

Environmental, situational, and personal factors affecting users Market segments served Brand position Offline versus online customers

Part 4

Website Analysis  Currency  Content, including multimedia and user engagement opportunities  Usability: navigation, access  Other company owned sites (e.g., microsites or

Part 5

Business Model
   

Business pyramid model Specific e-business models used (chapter 2) Customer value (products, price) Revenue stream sources

Part 6

E-Marketing Metrics  Site objectives  Metrics likely used at this site (using balanced scorecard...

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