As the network intelligence WIMAX Rubber Indoor Antenna device network option for further applications

As the network intelligence WIMAX Rubber Indoor Antenna device network option for further applications

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Upgrading creating "wisdom" on the road, amid worries about security, comfort, easy living and operating atmosphere and with growing, the traditional electronic Integrator encountered unprecedented challenges. To this end, ruijie networks for IP video surveillance in intelligent constructing, broadcasting, information dissemination, constructing manage, access management, parking management, building and management of laptop space management subsystem requirements, introduced the industry's initially independent control of intelligence WIMAX Rubber Indoor Antenna device network answer, incorporates 3 principal features:

7x24 hours reliability network schema style, makes use of double core VSU virtual of technologies achieved redundant, in 50ms can accomplished quickly convergence, guarantee network transmission doesn't interrupted; corridor switch employed no fan design and style, sturdy sexual much better, and fault price a lot more low; stereo of safety network schema, makes use of ESS certification gateway, and terminals MAC automatically certification, and firewall module, technologies, avoid network attack and handle illegal equipment network; whole network application dynamic flow plastic and stream controlled technology, Even in multi-channel HD video when sudden massive flows might be utilised to preserve a clear image; network-wide deployment of multicast optimization methods can cut down bandwidth consumption, lower construction costs, inhibit broadcast storm; low energy consumption "private cloud servers" Designing QoS and network style, satisfying hybrid hosting equipment and workplace network or maybe a separate network requirements.

For outdoor scene accomplished 868Mh Portal Indoor Antenna clock access, user can utilized meet outside undesirable environment of RG-IS2700G series switch, uses ERPS common agreement formed ring network topology, tends to make transmission channel has has protection attributes, conventional of xPON technologies...

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