Assignment No.

Rocky Mountain Mutual: Promoting Fun or Fitness?

A report
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Written Analysis and Communication-I





Rocky Mountain Mutual
Utah, USA


ToZachary Evans,
Vice President of Operations

FromJoseph Mirola,
Claims Manager

Subject: Report on the future of the Fitness Center at Utah headquarters complex.

I am submitting herewith he report on the future of the Fitness Center at Utah headquarters complex.

The options of eliminating or retaining the Fitness Centre have been analysed after taking into consideration various factors. While doing so, economic considerations have been prioritized above all others.

I sincerely hope that the analysis satisfies your concerns.

I shall be glad to provide any further clarifications that you seek.


Joeseph Mirola
Claims Manager

The Fitness Center (FC) in Utah headquarters complex was started in order to provide health benefits to Rocky Mountain Mutual’s (RMM) employees. RMM spent close to $1,000,000 to build it, while the maintenance cost per year is $100,000.

RMM now has the option of either eliminating or retaining FC.

Each option has been evaluated in terms of the economic gain to RMM, benefit to employees, effect on softer factors and competitive advantage in recruitment.

On basis of this evaluation, it is recommended that RMM must retain the FC and a Wellness Program must be formally instituted in the whole organisation in order to maximize economic and employee benefit.

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