I was on holiday for the week with my friends Jade, Chloe, Jodie and Christina. We were staying at a small holiday shack in Pemberton before we started college. It was a special thing for us because we'd been saving up for 6 months. Chloe and I had birthdays on the same day and we were having our birthdays at the shack. Accompanying us were my boyfriend, Joel, Chloe's boyfriend, Ethan and some of their friends, but they weren't staying in the same cabin.

On our first night there (out of the 5 nights we stayed), we unpacked. The guys were at their cabin which was a 30 minute walk from ours. They were our closest neighbors.

At about 10:30 we decided to try and find our way to the guys cabin. This was pretty stupid because we only had one flashlight with us. I was against the idea but i didn't want to stay in the cabin alone so I went. We walked and walked but we couldn't find the guys cabin. The flashlight was getting weak so we decided to head back. After about 15 minutes of walking barefoot down the bitumen road, the flashlight ran out, and there were no street lamps or anything because it was so far in the bush. It was quite cloudy so the moon wasn't much help either. It took a while for our eyes to get adjusted to the dark but we managed and clinged to each other in fear.

Suddenly we saw a light. Thinking it was our cabin, we ran towards it. As we approached it, we realised it wasn't our cabin, but a half built cabin. It was identical to ours, but not finished. The walls were built, and there was the frame of a roof, but nothing else. The light was coming from a single light on the veranda. We stood silently staring. This hadn't been there before. We hadn't even seen it in the daylight. I suggested that maybe we took a wrong turn (which was impossible because there was only one road). We decided to wait until daylight before we returned to our cabin. We sat up for a while, but we were all really tired so...

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