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Halle Berry - Performance rating was exceptional, saving records are above average(705K), excellent team management and financial skills.

Gordon Gekko- Performance rating was exceptional , long history of purchase manager, above average savings ( 600k)

Ari Gold- Performance rating was exceptional, record saving 2 million, understand team goals
. Negative- ruthless

Neil Patrick - Average savings, unsure about team leadership. Good team players

Ken Jeong- Average saving, performance is average, disagreement about his ability to effectively manage others.

Amy Poehler- Performance Good, keeps needed information from them for her own political agenda, average savings for the company

Miranda Priestley- Performance average, alienate some people, calling people on the carpet, inflexible about suppliers.

Bejamin- not flexible, compromise, average performance. Strong work ethics

Steve Stifler- Average technical skills, Satisfactory performance, last to arrive first to leave- Energetic, knowledge.

Sophia- Average performance, average financial skills, non technical about proficient, lack of savings. Excellent team management skills.

Ling Woo- Bogged down in the detail, does not understand larger organizational issue. Good savings.

Overall ranking | PM Name | Strengths | Weakness |
1 | Hallie Berry | Performance was exceptional. Strong team management skillsHigh performance team goals | - Need to associate with more senior managers |
2 | Tina Fey | Performance-ExceptionalStrong team management skills“leadership by examples”
| |
3 | Gordon Gekko | Performance-Exceptional Led 3 major projectEffective coach | - Not sure about his ability to deal with strategic issues. |
4 | ARi Gold | -Understand team goals and problems-Strong work ethic, involve with every leadership course. -Hands off approach, allows team to accelerate | - Impatient, and very strong opinionated person. |
5 | Neil Patrick | -Strong technical...

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