asessemet of hydropower potential

asessemet of hydropower potential


1. Brief Description/Abstract/Summary:
Pakistan has a predominantly agricultural economy and is striving to develop and expand its industrial base. Pakistan, despite the enormous potential of indigenous energy resources, remains energy deficient and has to rely heavily on imports to satisfy its needs. Today, the primary energy supplies are not enough to meet even the present demand. So, Pakistan, like other developing countries of the region, is facing a serious challenge of energy deficiency. Renewable energy sources can play an important role in meeting this challenge.

i. Hydropower being the oldest & most mature renewable source of energy is abundantly available in Pakistan and can provide great opportunity to generate low cost electrical energy, hence lowering the oil import bill of Pakistan.

ii. This study presents a comparison between hydropower and other forms of energy with respect to economics, reliability and social aspects. It also illustrates the social and environmental impacts of different forms of It also describes the site selection criteria for a hydropower project, evaluation of hydropower potential and ranking of different sites based on power generation.

2. Literature Review/ Research Already Carried Out on the Proposed Topic
3. Problem Statement/ Reason/Justification for the Selection of the Topic
Currently, our country is facing a challenge of energy deficiency.This study is being carried out to enhance the capability of the graduating students in assessment of hydropower potential. For solution of this problem the Government of Pakistan is considering the sources of electricity other than hydropower, because other sources can be installed in lesser time as compared to a hydropower project. On the other hand, a hydropower project without proper desk study and field investigation can cost even more than the benefits.

This thesis will present a comparison between hydropower and...

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