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1. What are the things that bother Holden the most in all these chapters?
    He really hates people who don't show who they really are, people who pretend to be something they're not. He calls them "phonies". Personally  I understand him, because I don't like phonies either. I think it's really dumb to pretend to be someone you're not with everyone, because it is not sincere.

   2. What is the tone Holden uses throughout the narration?
       A very casual language that sounds as if he was telling you himself the story. It makes the story more interesting, because it helps you imagine better every aspect of it.

   3. Who do you think Holden likes the least, Ackley or Stradlater?
    I think that he like the least Ackley, because he described him as a nasty person with a horrible personality. Also, he said a lot of positive things about Stradlater and even defended him from Ackley.
   4. Why did he leave Pencey Prep?
    Because he failed every subject except English

   5. Why do you think he paid a visit to Mr. Spencer, even if he's going to leave school? (and don't just say 'to say goodbye')
   Because he appreciated him in some way and he wanted to know what he wanted to talk to him about, because he left him a note telling him to arrive to his home.

   6. What's the significance of the hunter hat, and of the ducks in Central Park? What do they mean to Holden?
   7. What do you think about Jane, and what does she mean to Holden?
   8. What does Holden think of Allie, his dead brother?