ASH EDU 620 Week 6 Final Project

ASH EDU 620 Week 6 Final Project

EDU 620 Week 6 Final Project

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Focus of the Final Project
Over the past six weeks, you have learned about several disabilities and how
they impact a student’s learning experience. For the final project, you will be
asked to respond to several case studies. Each of these case studies involves a
specific disability and a unique set of issues for each of the identified students.
Your assignment is to respond uniquely to each of the scenarios. Your responses
should include the following elements:
§ Identification of the specific academic/behavioral issues that could be
addressed through assistive technology
§ Identification of at least three assistive technologies that will address the
academic/behavioral needs of each student
§ An overview of how each of the identified assistive technologies will be
implemented for the student.
§ A discussion of anticipated results based upon the use of the assistive
technologies for each of the case studies.

§ Responses must be supported with evidence from the text and at least two
additional scholarly resources.
Case Study #1
Emily is a five-year-old female student who is visually impaired. Emily has low
vision and has some independence. She is able to see letters and numbers with
amplification. In the past, Emily has been enrolled in a Head Start class with
typical peers. Emily experienced great success in her preschool classroom. She
had access to assistive technology that assisted her in participating in most
activities within the class. Emily will be starting kindergarten in the fall. She will
be in a general education class with typical peers. Emily’s parents, and her IEP
team, expect her to be fully included in most activities. Please describe assistive
technologies that will allow Emily to have access to grade level content and to
participate with her peers in the classroom.

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