ASH SOC 315 Week 4 Quiz

ASH SOC 315 Week 4 Quiz

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1. The biggest problem currently facing the Mexican government is:
alleviating the threat of air pollution in large cities.
responding to changes in United States immigration policies.
dealing with violent drug cartels and maintain order in border states.
reforming the national legislature to make it more democratic.

2. Widespread use of the _______ language helped foster the independence movement in India.

3. Japan’s Meiji Restoration:
created a federal government with devolved powers.
increased the role of feudal practices.
encouraged modernization.
abolished the emperor’s powers

4. In which of the following pairs of countries is democracy the most firmly established?
India and Nigeria
Japan and Mexico
Mexico and Nigeria
Japan and India

5. The student-led protests in China’s Tiananmen Square:
were violently suppressed by the Chinese government.
were opposed by most Western governments.
called for a second Cultural Revolution.
led to major changes in Chinese politics.

6. Which association of a region/country and a dominant religion is incorrect?
Africa; Animism
Middle East; Islam
China; Shinto
East Asia; Buddhism

7. Of the following, which BEST characterizes India?
Single-party state

8. Ultimately, political power in China resides with the:
Chinese people.
Chinese Communist Party.

9. Compared to the bureaucracies of most Western governments, the bureaucracy of Japan’s government:
has substantially more power.
is more directly controlled by the legislature.
is less influenced by business groups.
is more influenced by the head of state.

10. Spanish conquistadors in Mexico:
first arrived in the late...

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