Asher B Durand

Asher B Durand

James Matthew Rodriguez
English 10
Asher B Durand

Asher B Durand during the romantic movement was a classic example of what the romantic movement was about. Asher B Durand 1st work as a painter is the stranded ship (1844) he uses very dark depressing cloud clearing up. “An example of such is his painting summer afternoon (1849) where he captures many aspects of the beauty of nature” (The Metropolitan Museum of Art).Asher B Durand continued Thanotopsis (1850) inspired by William Cullen Bryant poem he took the creative power of the romantic poem and converted into a masterpiece. Asher B Durand was a romantic genius portraying power emotion and beauty.

In 1844 asher painted his 1st painting the sunken skip. Unlike his later works this was a dark depressing painting. He painted a ship that had crashe in to some rocks breaking it. The sun coming up could mean it was foriennners tring to escape to the new world their ship carashed but they made it

Asher drew Thanatopsis based on Bryant's poem and in a style similar to his former mentor Cole. The painting embraces the cycle of life and death that both raises humankind, high-born and low, from insensible matter and returns him and her to it. In the foreground grove takes place an actual burial. However the wider scene of forest in the back round over powers the barial showing nature will live on. their is a sheep and a shepered arly noticeable like nature barley notices man. The river winding toward an infinite marine horizon betokens nature's persistent rhythms and may well hint at the deceased's eternal reward. The painting based on Thanatopsis (Greek meditation on death) he shows what the titles name he capture what its about.

Durand painted summer afternoon in 1865. He captured many of natures aspects in this painting. He shows the sun reflects on the water creating a beautiful example of natures power. Asher paints an area untouched by man. The wildlife eating the...

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