Ashford Inf 103 Final Paper

Ashford Inf 103 Final Paper

Ashford University

INF 103

Bonita Spight-Williams

November 28, 2011

In this paper I will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of joining a social networking site
and the differences between a few of the most popular around today. I will discuss in detail the sign up
process and normal expected conduct on sites such as Face book, Twitter, and YouTube. I will deliver a
few updates on the rules and regulations for these sites and talk about up and coming social web sites.
Finally I will reveal a few selected predictions about what social web will eventually evolve into
according to the way things are looking today. Like a lot of other modern technology, social web has in
short “erupted” onto the social scene, and like many other overnight success services, it is hard to tell at
first if we will face long-term damage in the end due to lack of extensive testing. Let’s look at the yin &
yang of social web and balance the pro’s and cons for ourselves, after all...It’s your party and you can
“try” if you want to.

Out of pure bias adoration, I will start with my favorite site of all time, Face Book. Face Book erupted on
the college scene first in February of 2004. According to a reliable web information site,
no relation; Face Book is among the top most trafficked sites online. Only second to Google Face Book
maintains an average of 800 million active users, that’s users who have returned in the past thirty days.
So what exactly is going on at this Face Book party, it would take a novel to cover that question. The top
five activities would probably fit under these titles; Love hunting, Ex-hunting, gossip hunting, ex-stalking,
and hunting for games to be entertained at your cubicle. In a nutshell...hunting! It is very true that Face
Book is considered the “hunting ground” for those lacking social fulfillment. Some people will only log
on to message distant family members while other will only...

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