Ashford University journal

Ashford University journal

Michelle Stout

Week 5: Final Reflection

“You’re never too old to learn!” This simple phrase reigns true to me in so many ways. I

have learned quite a bit about myself throughout just this one class. When I started I wasn’t sure

if I could honestly do it because I am older and things have changed since I was in school, but I

have learned a lot in a short amount of time. I would tell anyone who was considering returning

to school that this class could help them evaluate the way they have learned in the past and

how it is possible to change your thinking in a way that promotes positive learning patterns. It

has shown me that the fixed thinking I had growing up has changed to growth thinking because

the challenges I would have ran from before are now welcome. The desire to learn is now there,

whereas before I was afraid to try to learn new things. I found comfort in mediocracy which is


I am a “Dynamic” learner, my LCI scores: sequence-24, precision-28, Technical

Reasoning-20, Confluence: 18. Knowing now that each of us have our own individual learning

patterns has opened my eyes not only as a student, but also in my life outside of school.

Precision being my use first pattern, has shown me that the questions I ask, the lack of

organization, waiting until the last minute to do things, and the massive amount of research I do

are all traits of a person who uses precision first. It proves to be more of a downfall for me

because I am hard on myself and I doubt everything I do. I will make a conscious effort now

to tether this patter. Sequence fits into my life daily and even though my score is a 24, which is

use as needed, it borders closely to a use first pattern. Like precision, sequence is a pattern that I

use first. I find that I need clear directions, I make lists and schedules, and I feel I need to

see the overall picture from beginning to end. I have a hard time...

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