Asian American

Asian American

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Oral History and Primary Document Resources


1) Asian American Movement 1968
This is a blog about the Asian American Movement that has articles but also many primary documents from the movement including flyers, speeches, student organization periodicals, and actual student demands.

2) Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project –
See menu on the left hand side of website for various Asian American groups
This archive includes both oral histories (transcribed and audio recorded) and primary documents

3) Dosan – Bridging the Pacific 2008
See menu on the left hand side of the website. Primary sources can be found under “Dosan’s Writings”, “Photographs”, and the Constitution of the “Hung Sa Dan". All other information on the site is secondary material and must be cited if used in your paper or project. This site is dedicated to Ahn Chang Ho, Korean patriot and independence leader during the Japanese occupation of Korea. He spent many years in the United States organizing Korean immigrants to fight against Japanese imperialism.

4) The Chinese in California, 1850-1925 -
This collection is a sampling of primary documents from three Bay Area archives

5) Digital Images from the American Radicalism Collection, Asian Americans –
This archive houses various primary documents on Chinese and Japanese Americans

6) The Winnifred Eaton Digital Archive –
A large collection of this Asian American writers works

7) Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive –
Includes Chinese American, Japanese...

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