Asian Society

Asian Society

´╗┐Class No:GESS5401 - 1
Student Name: Leung Chi Shun
Student No:12646067
Subject: Pacific Rim-Asian Societies

How does Ashita no Joe(2010) comment on the struggling nature of the individual youth in contemporary Japanese society ?

Ashita no Joe(2010) is a very famous film in Japan which is talking about two men, called Joe and Rikiishi, how to struggle in order to their purpose and they keep training themselves to expect fighting with enemies. They use the boxing to certificate themselves in the status of other side. They ignore everything, including friends ,love and work, who only focus the boxing. The main phenomenon showing on this film is that the youth is independent to use his ability to stand up in contemporary Japanese society.

First of all, Joe's background is very complicated. He is a homeless man since he don't have a regular place given him to stay when the night. Also, he is very lonely because he don't have a friend to play together and he always is alone. In addition, he hate the community as he always fight with others. And he often steals food on the restaurant so he is chased by the police. Finally he is unemployed because he is free who do something if he want to do. In conclude, he is a freeman and the person of having some negative emotion.

Then, he travels different places but he finds the poor village as his home finally. Some children like him and become his friend. And he is found the potential by the uncle, who is Danben. Unfortunately, he is carried by the police and sent to the prison. Because of fighting with bad guys, he wants to protect the children. However, he fight with other people continuously when he is the prisoner yet. He is under arrested in the single room in order to have the reflection. But, he don't reflect his behavior when he stay in the single room; he think fighting is right and wreak his fury, which is dissatisfaction with the world.

When prisoners have their lunch, Joe fight with them...

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