Asking Good Questions

Asking Good Questions

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Asking Good Questions

A. Genre

Paul writes a letter to Ephesus, recorded in the New Testament portion of the Living Word of God. He is inspired by the Holy Spirit to directly focus his attention on the sincerity of the church. Paul makes it very clear as to what God has commanded Christians to do and what God deems shameful. The Apostle sits in prison, most likely in Rome, and writes to the Ephesians passionately on how to go about following the Law.

B. Observations

• In verses 1-2, who was sacrificed and what their characteristics?
Jesus sacrificed himself to display his love for everyone and as a way to give glory to God. The passage describes Christ’s sacrifice as a fragrance.
• What actions does God prohibit in verses 3-4?
God commands Christians not be have a “hint of sexual immorality” in their lives! Warning against being impure, greedy, obscene, and having coarse talk is also noted as being shameful, unholy actions.
• What mind set does God advise Christians to have in verses 3-4?
Paul writes that the church must simply have the attitude of thanksgiving.
• Who does God say not to be partners with in verse 6-7?
God says clearly that the Body of Christ is not to make friends with idolaters. God does not want Christians to be led astray. Paul clearly states, “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.”

C. Interpretations

• What does God mean when He says, “…dearly loved children…” in verses 1?
God is talking about everyone in this sinful world that chooses to follow Him and His will and defy sin. God loves us so much that His son was a sacrifice for our salvation. God probably reminds us the message of His son dying on the cross to set up the foundation for the rest of the message.
• What is Paul implying when he refers to Christ’s sacrifice as a fragrance in verse 2?
Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection was a glorious event. Paul expresses that...

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