ASL Reflection

ASL Reflection

Sound and Fury Reflection

While watching the documentary, “Sound and Fury” it was very shocking to me all the factors that go into the cochlear implant. I never thought that there was so much to think about when considering the surgery. If a deaf person was going to get a cochlear implant they also need speech therapy, have to learn of to speak, and learn what all the sounds they hear now. Someone with a cochlear implant does not just magically understand sound, they have to learn what they mean. Another point that came to my mind while watching the movie is how strong the deaf community oppose the cochlear implant. It is hard for me as a hearing person to understand that implanting someone with the cochlear implant can make others who are deaf feel extremely offended. By changing a deaf person to be able to hear can be seen as, “I must not be good enough” message to other people in the deaf community. I think that it is very sad that something that some people see as a miracle can at the same time be something to discriminate others into feeling that they are not perfect the way they are. I would never want someone to feel like they were not good enough. I think the movie was a really good way to demonstrate to people that there is always two sides of things and each have their positives and negatives.

“Listen to Your Heart” Reflection

After watching the movie, “Listen to Your Heart” I realized that being deaf can be really tough on a person. If a deaf person’s family was all hearing and ignorant to the deaf culture that deaf family member may be controlled or over protected by the family. The family may believe what they are doing is the best without consent for that individual. Just like Sam’s parents in the movie, they set all the rules and controlled what she did thinking they were doing everything in Sam’s best interest. I think it is important for parents of a deaf child to consider teaching their child sign language early on, and incorporate...

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