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3. According to Personality Dimensions theory, everyone is “plaid”. Describe your “Plaid” and how your colors interact.
As you can see in my diagram I am: 32% belong to Inquiring Green; 20% to Organized Gold; 28% to Authentic Blue; and 20% belong to Resourceful Orange.
Inquiring Green.
I have following characteristics: I am analytical and systematic and I am global and strategic thinker. My strengths are contributing and logical approach. My functional skills are visualizing and creating. My weakness is that I can’t explain detailed information. I need quiet to think and process information. I like to explore the unknown and solve complex problems. All those mean that I belong to Inquiring Green group.
Organized Gold.
I am responsible and practical. I need job done. I like serving and enjoying time with others.
Authentic Blue.
I am sensitive to the needs of others. My strength is my good intuition and imagination. Potential weakness is that I am slow to make decision and act. I like meeting new people. I like honesty and harmony.
Resourceful Orange.
I am eager to try new things. My strength is that I see facts and realities. My functional skills: creating and designing; responding to emergencies. I like take risks. And I need independence and control of self.
4. Provide 2 strengths from your strongest color that best describe your personality, and give a specific, job related example to demonstrate that you have each of these strengths.

My first strength is that I have analytical ability.

When I was studying in the University in my previous country I was taking a “computer programming” course there. On the second semester I had a part time job. I was working in a company which created programs for international companies. A lot of companies from France, USA and other countries ordered program products from that company I was working in. I was working in a small group of people. We had to create very...