Assesment of Effect of Training and Development

Assesment of Effect of Training and Development

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Introduction 2
1.0 Importance of culture 3
2.0 A brief note on the Indian culture Vs Germany culture 3
2.1 Organisational Cultural 3
2.3 Germany culture 4
2.4 Organisational culture 4
3.0 Cross cultural issues for Mercedes Benz operating in India 5
4.0 Hofstede Cultural Dimension 6
4.1 Power distance 6
4.2 Individualism: 6
4.3 Uncertainty Avoidance: 7
4.4 Masculinity: 7
4.5 Long-term orientation: 7
5.1 Dual leadership Management style: 8
5.2 Developing cross cultural training programs 9
5.3 Managing cultural diversity in work place 9
Reference 11
6.0 Appendix 12


This report is based on the critical analysis of cross cultural issues for Mercedes Benz operating in India. The report high lights the main culture of India and Germany and the way their organisational system work with respect to the culture. Further more in the report there is proper comparison of both countries culture by using a proper comparison Analytical tool which also highlights the possible issues which Mercedes Benz which need to be addressed while operating in Indian culture organisation. In the report as a adviser I have provide some solutions for the Mercedes Benz to apply to over those barriers and to establish a successful manufacturing firm in India
1.0 Importance of culture
Culture is a link between their values and believes, where in people shape their standard and behavior. Culture is represented through the art, literature, costumes, customs and traditions of a community. Different culture exists in different part of the world, and this culture influence the organizational culture of a country in the way they work, there for it is very important for all big international and multinational companies to know the culture of a country before they expand their businesses. Lack of cultural knowledge may affect the entire business growth and profitability. For example Starbucks, A...

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