Scratching the Surface
I was born and raised on the North side of Houston, Texas. I am the oldest of four, and I am also the only girl. My favorite thing about myself is that I have always had high ambitions. I have tried going to a university previously, and I have also tried a community college. So far, ITT Tech has been the best fit. My program is network administration with a focus on cyber security. I am not sure where this degree will take me, but I am hoping to do a lot of traveling in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Canada. I want to leave myself open to as many traveling opportunities as possible, so I plan on doing a lot of contract work. In about twenty years I hope to be well on my way to starting my own company. I came to ITT Tech because traditional education was not the best thing for my learning style. Also, this school seemed like the best starting place to accomplish my goals. I would be the first college graduate in my immediate family, and I want to show my brothers that success is possible; even for those who started with nothing.

a. Side by Side
b. Wipe and Load

2. a. Windows RE (Windows Recovery Environment) - name given to a Windows PE on a computer with Windows 7 already installed.

3. a. Windows Easy Transfer - GUI
b. User State Migration Tool (USMT) – Command Line Interface

4. a. 72 Hours

5. a. Floppy Disks – They have insufficient capacity.

a. MUI (Multi-Language User Interface)

a. RAM disk

8. a. Clean Install

9. a. User Profile Folder

10. a. Networking

Network systems Administrator
Network systems administration is a great field of study and has encouraged me to do more with my life. In this research paper I am going to be covering the definition of network systems administrator, job role, and the pay grade of a network systems administrator.
Learning about network administration has played a major role in which I am at this moment. I...

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