Elective – Project Management
Prepare a Project Initiation Kick Off Plan for a residential flat scheme (5 storey, 30 apartments, 3 BHK)/or a 1000 seated indoor stadium. Establish the objectives and scope of the project; it is first necessary to identify the overall reason for the project by relating it to one or more objectives of the organization.


-to  deliver homes, to improve safety and  mobility  while incorporating  community values and enhancing the  environment—all within  adopted  schedues and  budget.

-to  be  recognized by the  public  for  delivery  and  innovation / environmentally sensitive residences  , considering  the  need and  desires of  the  community / region which  it  serves.

-improve  safety
-improve  reliability
-increase  the  comforts
-minimize/ avoid the  effect of  neighbourhoods / environment
-employ  efficient / cost  effective delivery practice
-delivery  a  quality service


-we understand and  respect the  trust  given to us.
-we  take  strategic  risks to  add  values to  achieve  goals
-we  strive  to meet the  customer expectations
-we  are  accountable  for  timely  delivery
-we  proactively  consider creative  options
-we  resolve  issues the  appropriate  level
-we take  pride  in our  achievements


To facilitate the eventual creation of work orders for the sub-contractors,
this document is organized generally and follows the home building construction schedule (that’s why it starts with sitework,
excavation and concrete).

Sitework and Excavation
1. excavation of home site with backfill as needed to return site as near as
possible to original condition
2. 15’ setback from property lines to be maintained
3. if necessary, after house site excavation, local...

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