Q.1) Why is it necessary to obtain No Objection Certificate & Completion Certificate of a Project? What is the role of Architect in obtaining these?

ANS: No Objection Certificate- Any changes/alterations/modifications carried out by consulting another architect without the knowledge and consent of erstwhile architect or without obtaining No Objection Certificate from him.

Completion certificate-
The final certificate or notice will only be issued if:

1. All relevant statutory and non-statutory inspections have been notified and carried out, any remedial works completed. The Building Control Surveyor will make it clear if a re-inspection of the work is required.

2. Any additional inspections requested by the Building Control Surveyor during the period of construction are satisfactory.

When received, the Completion Certificate or Completion Notice should be lodged with the deeds of the property. In the event of selling the property it will be requested by the purchases solicitors. It is in interest of the owner, therefore, to ensure that builder gives all the necessary notifications for inspection. Details of the inspection procedure are given with the acknowledgement letter when the Building Regulation application is submitted.

Prepare and submit completion reports and drawings for the project as required and assist the Client in obtaining "Completion/ Occupancy Certificate" from statutory authorities, wherever required.

Q.2) What are item rates, lump sum & EPC contracts? What are its merits and demerits?

ANS. Item Rates – this contract deals in the measurement of each item of the work as given in the bill of quantities and sum to be paid at based on the rates quoted against...

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