Assignment 1: Bus 407

Assignment 1: Bus 407

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Jupiter Lanes Training Program

BUS 407, Training and Development
November 20, 2014

Jupiter Lanes had failed to meet sales and service goals for three quarters straight. As a result, a training plan was developed for their employees. The extensive training program held the expectation to be delivered in two day to all employees of Jupiter Lanes. Once training needs was surveyed using the Training Needs Analysis (TNA), a training approach was established. This approach contained the objectives, total costs, time frames of the training and facilitation of delivery. Activities were then designed to help achieve the training program expectations. This paper includes a detailed description of the full program that was developed and presented to all employees of Jupiter Lanes.

Jupiter Lanes Training Program
For years, Jupiter Lanes has been able to maintain their competitive advantage by delivering great customer service and exceeding their sales goals. Just recently within the last three quarters, they have lost their first place presence in their market against their competitors. While they have seen some turnover with their employees, they have to identify what is wrong and develop a training program to excel once again. The plan will be to complete a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) in order to effectively identify where their current strengths and weaknesses are and discover how they are going to get back to being number one in their market. Once the TNA is complete, they will then be able to manage their specific objective for the program based on the analysis of the business. They will then propose a program that includes cost, time and methods to deliver the training. The training plan will be delivered to all 20 employees who work there. After the training session, the employees will then be more motivated to excel in their jobs. They will have the knowledge of what their expectations are moving forward within the organization....

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