Assignment 1-Part B: Explain the Importance of Establishing Ground Rules

Assignment 1-Part B: Explain the Importance of Establishing Ground Rules

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Assignment 1-Part B:
Explain the importance of establishing ground rules and describe ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.
All learners are different when it comes to behaviour and respect for others, so establishing ground rules will need to mirror this difference in learners.

Ground rules and respect is a two way process that the teacher and the learners must comply by. I consider first impressions to be very important as this is a crucial moment where a teacher can underpin respect barriers to its leaner’s. If this opportunity is missed, it will be very difficult to build a solid relationship with the learners.

Setting the ground rules together as a team helps everyone to have an input and the learners will feel heard and included. The teacher should make sure they all have an equal say and only then, you would have a better chance of learner’s following the ground rules since they helped to establish them.

I believe when setting ground rules with learners it is important for the teacher to establish their own rules which reflect their commitment to the teaching/learning relationship.

My own ground rules would be to always come prepared for the sessions and ensure that I manage my time well by starting and finishing the class on time. I would always practice what I preach, I would also commit to learners that I mark their assignments on time and that they do hand it in on time and most importantly I would listen and respect learners in order that they do the same. I regularly review and evaluate the effectiveness of my ground rules by analysing if they are being met and followed by the learners; I also implement changes in a professional manner when I feel there is a need.

Finally Ground rules are set views and needs of the teacher and its learners and they should be appreciated, followed and valued at all times. This creates a safe and respectful space...

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