Assignment 2

Assignment 2

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Analysis of Sina Weibo (
Sen Yang | Section Ac
Part I: Introduction to the Website
Sina Weibo, simply being called “Chinese Twitter”, is a “mini-blogging services in China including social chat sites and platform sharing (Wikipedia, 2013)”. Weibo users update the real-time information and share with their individual circles within 140 blocks. It contains a wide range of topics as well, particularly serving as an essential role in breaking news and “an outlet for expressing opposition to the government (Wikipedia, 2013)”.
Part II: Users Description & Information Behavior Profile
A. The Users and Information Behavior Context
User 1: Jim, a typical Weibo marketing user who promotes his own short-term loan business and seeks the potential partnership on Weibo since his company is in debt and endangered if he fails to finance.
User 2: Bryant, a typical personal Weibo user who shares what he heard and saw on Weibo during leisure time. Besides, he likes to seek many interesting categories such as Basketball, Breaking News, Entertainment and Business Entrepreneurship.
The Users and Information Behavior Table
Case Variable | User 1 | User 2 |
Users/Seekers | Jim | Bryant |
Use situations | Find opportunities for the business and seek the partnership | catch up interesting topics |
Motivation (main and secondary) | enhance company’s performance / Finding the resources to financing his company | Self-entertained / relax and expand knowledge |
Information, functions, and features of the website | Follow and self-introduce to Potential Investor and Potential business customer | Follow Friends’ Weibo and other Weibo users with interesting topics |
Time pressure | High (days) | Moderate (weeks) |
Degree of thoroughness | High | Moderate |

Part III: TEDS Value-Added Analysis

A. The Value-Added Analysis Table

Criteria | Values-added | Website Score (1-5) | Related System Processes |
Ease of use |...

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