Assignment 4a

Assignment 4a

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CELTA | April/May 2015 | C2/2015
Assignment 4a

Name: Mahnaz Babari

Assessment Criteria

1st sub

2nd sub
1. Shows (convincing) evidence of an ability to identify their own teaching strengths and weaknesses in the light of feedback from learners, teachers and tutors.

2. Uses written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task.

Yes / No
1st marker
2nd marker

Resubmission Needed

Pass On Resubmission

Fail On Resubmission

Overall Comment

NB: If you need to resubmit an assignment, make sure you hand in the original version and the resubmitted version. Both versions need to be in your portfolio.

This assignment requires you to reflect in some detail on your experience of the classroom (both teaching and learning) in the first week and again later in the course. Please address all sections.

Your Teaching Practice (TP)

For parts A and B of the assignment you should refer to your tutors’ feedback forms of Week 1 assessed teaching practice TP, your self evaluation forms, notes on your observation of experienced teachers and any other forms of feedback you have received (e.g. formal or informal feedback from students and peers).

Part A: Teaching strengths
Begin this assignment noting 3 or 4 areas of teaching you feel confident in. Say why you feel these are strengths of yours and give evidence / examples from TP to back your claims.

Part B: Areas to work on
Continue the assignment noting 3 or 4 areas of your teaching that still need some work. Say why you feel these are problem areas for you and give evidence / examples from TP to back your claims.

Part C: Observation of your peers during assessed TP and experienced teachers
Comment specifically on aspects of your colleagues’ teaching/lessons which have illuminated any areas that you are working on.
Choose one aspect from the observation of an...

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