Assignment About Sauce

Assignment About Sauce

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Assignment for Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Marketing

Read chapter one.
Be prepared to answer the following questions if called on.

1. What is marketing?
2. Discuss how the organization itself, other departments, environmental forces, and society as a whole affect marketing decisions.
3. What is the difference between a market and a target market?
4. What are the four controllable marketing mix factors?
5. What are the uncontrollable environmental factors?
6. What is a marketing program?
7. Describe how today’s customer era differs from prior eras of production and selling.
8. Think of a particularly bad customer service experience that you’ve had. If you worked for the guilty company, what changes would you suggest to make sure similar incidents did not happen again?
9. Is marketing good or bad for a free enterprise society. Support your answer. Consider a society with no marketing.

Assignment for Chapter 2 – Strategic Planning and the Strategic Marketing Process

Read chapter two.
Be prepared to answer the following questions if called on.

1. What is strategic planning and why is it important?
2. Identify and define the three levels of organizational planning.
3. What is a mission statement? Summarize the main ideas in the Ben and Jerry’s mission statement.
4. Draw an illustration of the Boston Consulting Group growth-share matrix. Label the axis. Identify and describe the four quadrants of the matrix. How might strategic decisions differ depending on the SBU’s placement in the matrix?
5. Describe the four market-product strategies.
6. What are the three main phases of the strategic marketing process? Define each phase.
7. What is a situation or SWOT analysis?
8. Define the following: Marketing objective, target market, product positioning, and marketing plan.
9. Identify and define each of the four elements of the marketing mix.

Assignment for Chapter 3...

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